terça-feira, junho 08, 2010

# 50

«The left are better educated and more intelligent than the right, for two reasons:
1) The Left are the dominant power structure, liberalism is the dominant religion. Smart people with fairly normal social receptivity and status interests will therefor favor leftism and advance in left-acceptable roles. Learning to do this does not require any sort of conscious cynicism, social signaling can cause intelligent people to honestly believe impossible nonsense.

2) Conservatism in America is mainly braindead populism, and the people on the 'Right' who actually have brains have less in common with these conservatives than they do with the liberal-left.

While it's granted that most people on the left believe a lot of absolutely crazy nonsense in the realm of economics, sociology, history and political theory this is because their status is based on expressing the correct opinions, not on actually understanding these fields. They are not scientists, they are a priesthood. Understand that the modern university and media are a priesthood, and the Progressive Democracy is the religion, and you will understand the 20th century.»