quarta-feira, março 23, 2011

Direito Natural

«The Biblical anarchy does not assert iself in the negation of the norm as such but in non-compliance with man-made law. The charismatic person revolts against a non-moral legalistic society, whose ends and objectives often collide with the basic tenets of a natural, living morality. He refuses to obey an external authority and to accept the dicta of a society that is guided by a highly technical, though magical, civilization. (...) The source of law is the mahazeh, the prophetic vision, not the royal decree. The charismatic person discovers the ethos himself. As a free personality, he goes out to meet the moral law with his full collected being; he chances to find it in himself and to cousciously adopt it. He is not overpowered by an unforeseen element. There is a free act on his part in dedicating himself to a universal, natural morality

R. Joseph B. Soloveitchik, The Emergence of Ethical Man (2005)

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